Positive change can only occur when innovative solutions that challenge the status quo are implemented. HOKISA embraces this, and our trailblazing commitment to changing children lives and making a difference on a daily basis is at the heart of everything we do. How did HOKISA arrive at this point? It is a fitting question after […]

Healthy relationships

  • Thu 10th Nov, 2022

To intervene therapeutically in the field of child and youth care, we rely entirely on the relationships we form with the youth and their families. To establish and maintain these relationships, as well as to ensure their quality. We need good communication skills because our work is therapeutic or “healing.” When we first meet the […]

Holistic Development

  • Fri 27th May, 2022

 Holistic development is crucial during the early childhood years, its about supporting and growing the whole child, in all their areas of development. In order for children to develop into happy and functional adults, it is important that they are raised holistically. Having a daily amount of quiet time is a very important part of any […]

Therapeutic support

  • Thu 30th Sep, 2021

Building and maintaining trust enables people to share information, perception and feedback. Children and youth at risk have had experiences that may cause difficulties in maintaining relationships with other people. The child care journey is not always an easy one but our responsibility is always to use our skills for the benefit of the children […]

Emotional resilience

  • Mon 5th Apr, 2021

In the midst of all the uncertainties and tribulations that the world is going through, one needs to develop emotional resilience. Its been over a year now since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed over 2 million lives and has a negative impact on livelihood. The feeling of fear, anxiety, and stress […]

Hokisa 18th Anniversary

  • Tue 1st Dec, 2020

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. Hokisa turns 18 years of existence, full of ups and downs, lessons, happiness, twist, and turns. Though there have been difficulties and hardships, we are deeply humbled by the amount of support received from all […]

This lock down is not fun! Not for anybody. It is testing our resilience emotionally, physically and financially. Despite this complex and fluid circumstance we find ourselves in, Hokisa continue to create a nurturing environment that enhances the full growth and development of the children. . The schools continue to send work on different online […]

The confirmed Covid-19 cases In South Africa has recently surpassed the 200 000 mark. Stress, anxiety, and a sense of isolation amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and South Africa’s current lockdown can add to psychological distress. Feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress during this time is completely normal and, according to medical journal The Lancet, […]

Level 3 lockdown

  • Sun 31st May, 2020

Hokisa prides itself on its commitment and dedication to protecting and nurturing all the children in our care. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged our mission and visions in different forms. These unparalleled times have also brought out some goodness in us. We continue celebrating birthdays and appreciate the special moments that we share as a […]

Level 4 Lockdown and Hokisa

  • Thu 7th May, 2020

As the country moves to level 4 lockdown, there are a few critical aspects to take into account. All the precautions and preventative protocol that was implemented when the country first went into lockdown still remain in place at Hokisa. Hokisa continues to create a nurturing environment for all the children during these unprecedented times. […]