Level 3 lockdown

Hokisa prides itself on its commitment and dedication to protecting and nurturing all the children in our care. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged our mission and visions in different forms. These unparalleled times have also brought out some goodness in us. We continue celebrating birthdays and appreciate the special moments that we share as a family.

As we move to level 3 lockdown the coronavirus statistics show a significant increase in the number of confirmed infection cases. Hokisa continues to watch all public incidences related to covid 19 pandemics with a vigilant eye and seize every passing opportunity of exposing our children to this virus. The Standard Operating Procedures under lockdown are carefully monitored and assessed on a daily bases. Good hygiene habits and social distancing has become the norm of the day in our Home. Hokisa has remained in isolation since the 26th of March 2020 and decided to continue staying in isolation for as long as the infection rate is still pushing up.

The Department of Basic Education has recently announced the re-opening of schools in a phased-in fashion starting with the Grades 12 and 7 from the 1st of June. As parents, we have played our part in making sure that the children are well informed regarding the rules and regulations around prevention and precautions measures. Also, ensuring that children do have proper personal protective equipment as stipulated by the Department of Basic Education, Medical experts and the School Governing Board.

Despite all the uncertainties, the good news is that to date none of the children or staff has been infected with the Covid 19 virus. The Hokisa family would also like to acknowledge the amazing ongoing support and kind messages during these difficult times. We are deeply humbled and we appreciate the support.