Day 7 of national lockdown

These are difficult and uncertain times socially and economically for our country and the world. We are in unfamiliar territory and it is important that we remain calm and focus our energy on the most important asset that we have – our families.

Hokisa is also making sure that our children are feeling safe, informed and loved in the comfort of their home. It is important to keep the children in a learning routine. We are mindful of the children’s perspective regarding the covid -19 pandemic as well the impact of lockdown on their lives.

Lockdown basically means limited movements. On top of our priorities during this time is to ensure the physical, psychological and spiritual well being of the children. Yoga is one of the movements used to enhance the physical wellbeing of the children.

“Together we shall stand, divided we shall fall” Let us all adhere to the lockdown protocol and stay at home during this period, aimed to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.