Emotional resilience

In the midst of all the uncertainties and tribulations that the world is going through, one needs to develop emotional resilience. Its been over a year now since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed over 2 million lives and has a negative impact on livelihood.

The feeling of fear, anxiety, and stress during this time is completely normal. However, it is important to try and deal with these intrusive feelings as best as we can. Often times we sacrifice our own lives and build resentment. Find something positive in every experience. Our therapeutic programs are tailor-made specifically to address each child`s needs depending on their circumstance.

During this time of restricted movements due to lockdown regulations, we worked on getting the children into a routine of physical exercise every morning. Remember your body and mind work together so physical exercises will relieve that uptight feeling, relax you, and turn frowns into smiles. Thankfully, the lockdown was eased to level 1 and we are now able to go to some of their favourite recreational places.

The support that we have been receiving from our friends and supporters from all walks of life has been amazing. We would have not been able to continue caring for and protecting our children and youth at risk. We continue to create a nurturing environment that is closest to a real home as possible.

For most families, the Easter holiday presents an opportunity to spend quality time and celebrate life. Despite finding ourselves in times of fear and uncertainties, the Hokisa family continue to preserve its humble tradition of easter egg decoration during the Easter holidays. Both children and adults showcase their creative talents in decorating Easter eggs and a cosy atmosphere always prevail.