SA lockdown and Hokisa

In recent weeks we have seen the increasing impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on individuals, families, businesses, societies, and countries as infection rates escalate around the world and here in South Africa. The first death resulting to Covid-19 infection has been recorded in South Africa
President Cyril Ramaposa announced a 21 days total lockdown effective from 26th March until 16th April 2020.   With total lockdown in place, this also means the restriction of movement for the children and staff. Most of the Hokisa staff had to stay permanently on the premises.  Hokisa decided to rent a place outside Masiphumelele for those children that are most vulnerable to this aggressive virus.   Nine Hokisa children, three staff members and two of the staff children who are too young to look after themselves are temporarily residing outside Masiphumelele. The rest of the Hokisa children, three staff members and five of the staff children are staying at Hokisa.

“There is life after the Coronavirus epidemic”, so all in-house developmental and learning programs are still run as usual to enhance development and keep the children in a learning routine.
Learning and developmental activities
Fun activities