Water Crisis!

As everyone in Cape Town knows, we are suffering one of the worst droughts in our history.
All citizens and communities have been encouraged to do what they can to save water.
HOKISA has installed a water collection tank that feeds into our toilet system and saves hundreds of litres every day…

Everyone in Cape Town has had to mobilize and use all their creativity to come up with new and inventive ideas to save water.
The children at HOKISA learn about this at their different schools and came home asking what are we doing at HOKISA.
Good question!

We installed pumps and a water tank at the HOKISA home.
These are connected to a well point and into our toilet system and we also have an outside tap connected to this well point, so that we can use it to wash our car, water the garden, cleaning windows etc….

We are no longer using potable/drinking water to flush our toilets and we are managing to save hundreds of litres of water every day.
The children also came home with new and different ideas of their own and we are encouraging them to save wherever they can.
They are also learning about the value and importance of water and have told us that they will never waste water again.