World AIDS day and Hokisa`s 16th Birthday

On 1 December 2002 the Hokisa home was opened in the presence of Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the community of Masiphumelele. Today was HOKISA`s 16th birthday and what a warm family day it was for both adults and children. It is a special day for us as we celebrate 16 years of existence, achievement and sustainability.

The struggle against HIV and AIDS still goes on as the United Nation published today a report that “everyday still 1000 girls and women die because of AIDS world wide.

A big thank you to our childcare worker Simphiwe for having the Youth Group end of year party on this day with all our teenagers and many more from the community of Masiphumelele. Words of gratitude also goes to a dedicated team of Child care Workers, Social worker and Board of Directors.

This day at Hokisa would have not been possible if it wasn`t for all of our supporters local and abroad (Netherlands, Germany, USA ete). Thank you all for your loyal and persistent support.
Have a good World Aids day!