As all of you know that we are confronted by the Covid-19/ Corona virus that has hit the world and caused unprecedented levels of concern. With a few additional cases of Coronavirus cases is being report almost everyday, a National state of Disaster has been declared in South Africa, so naturally the anxiety level are […]

Welcome To 2020

  • Mon 27th Jan, 2020

Last year was a great year of reflection and celebration on the things that Hokisa has achieved over the years and still strive for excellence in service delivery. With the children back to school and settling into their new grades and schools, the adults are also familiarizing themselves with the changes as well as assisting […]

Christmas is a time where family and friends come together and celebrate life. At Hokisa we try our best to give the home that extra Christmas look by decorating the interior of our main house. The Hokisa family would like to wish you all a happy and safe festive holiday and a prosperous 2020.

A happy and safe festive holiday and a prosperous 2020.

A merry and very special Hokisa family Christmas we had this year. Both children and adults had a great time…..a big thank you to all our friends from all walks of life, for all the amazing Christmas gifts and support. We would like to wish everyone a successful 2019!

A Happy And Prosperous New Year To All Our Hokisa Supporters And Friends!

On 1 December 2002 the Hokisa home was opened in the presence of Archbishop Desmond Tutu in the community of Masiphumelele. Today was HOKISA`s 16th birthday and what a warm family day it was for both adults and children. It is a special day for us as we celebrate 16 years of existence, achievement and […]

World AIDS day and Hokisa`s 16th Birthday

Water Crisis!

  • Tue 26th Jun, 2018

As everyone in Cape Town knows, we are suffering one of the worst droughts in our history.All citizens and communities have been encouraged to do what they can to save water.HOKISA has installed a water collection tank that feeds into our toilet system and saves hundreds of litres every day… Everyone in Cape Town has […]

Water Crisis!

A happy and VERY special HOKISA family Christmas was enjoyed by ALL… thank you to all of our friends for the kind gifts and support, and wishing everyone all the best for 2018!

A Happy, Healthy And Peaceful New Year To All Our HOKISA Supporters!

Great Support For HOKISA

  • Sun 15th Oct, 2017

During the past few months we has received support from schools, and a bookshop in Munich, who all made a lot of effort to support the work we do at HOKISA. We want to thank them all – learners, teachers and parents…. We have had relationships with some of these schools for many years and […]

Great Support For HOKISA

Our 4 Munchkins!

  • Sat 7th Oct, 2017

Our four little ones are about to complete their first school year! Mihle, Ronnie, Buli and JD love school – a big thank you to their wonderful teachers at High Cloud, Angie, Bongi and Sweetness!

Our 4 Munchkins!

Animals are much like humans in many ways. They should be respected and handled with care. There are many ways people can learn how to respect animals. From the smallest mouse to the largest elephant, all animals should be treated in ways that are beneficial to both them and other people. No matter their background, […]

All Kids Can Gain From Learning To Respect Animals